OpenMetaverse Protocol Library Developers API Documentation
AssetType Enumeration
The different types of grid assets
Declaration Syntax
Member Description
Unknown Unknown asset type
Texture Texture asset, stores in JPEG2000 J2C stream format
Sound Sound asset
CallingCard Calling card for another avatar
Landmark Link to a location in world
Clothing Collection of textures and parameters that can be worn by an avatar
Object Primitive that can contain textures, sounds, scripts and more
Notecard Notecard asset
Folder Holds a collection of inventory items
RootFolder Root inventory folder
LSLText Linden scripting language script
LSLBytecode LSO bytecode for a script
TextureTGA Uncompressed TGA texture
Bodypart Collection of textures and shape parameters that can be worn
TrashFolder Trash folder
SnapshotFolder Snapshot folder
LostAndFoundFolder Lost and found folder
SoundWAV Uncompressed sound
ImageTGA Uncompressed TGA non-square image, not to be used as a texture
ImageJPEG Compressed JPEG non-square image, not to be used as a texture
Animation Animation
Gesture Sequence of animations, sounds, chat, and pauses
Simstate Simstate file
FavoriteFolder Contains landmarks for favorites
Link Asset is a link to another inventory item
LinkFolder Asset is a link to another inventory folder
EnsembleStart Beginning of the range reserved for ensembles
EnsembleEnd End of the range reserved for ensembles
CurrentOutfitFolder Folder containing inventory links to wearables and attachments that are part of the current outfit
OutfitFolder Folder containing inventory items or links to inventory items of wearables and attachments together make a full outfit
MyOutfitsFolder Root folder for the folders of type OutfitFolder
Mesh Linden mesh format
Inbox Marketplace direct delivery inbox ("Received Items")
Outbox Marketplace direct delivery outbox

Assembly: OpenMetaverseTypes(Module: OpenMetaverseTypes.dll) Version: