OpenMetaverse Protocol Library Developers API Documentation
GroupPowers Enumeration
Declaration Syntax
Member Description
Invite Can send invitations to groups default role
Eject Can eject members from group
ChangeOptions Can toggle 'Open Enrollment' and change 'Signup fee'
MemberVisible Member is visible in the public member list
CreateRole Can create new roles
DeleteRole Can delete existing roles
RoleProperties Can change Role names, titles and descriptions
AssignMemberLimited Can assign other members to assigners role
AssignMember Can assign other members to any role
RemoveMember Can remove members from roles
ChangeActions Can assign and remove abilities in roles
ChangeIdentity Can change group Charter, Insignia, 'Publish on the web' and which members are publicly visible in group member listings
LandDeed Can buy land or deed land to group
LandRelease Can abandon group owned land to Governor Linden on mainland, or Estate owner for private estates
LandSetSale Can set land for-sale information on group owned parcels
LandDivideJoin Can subdivide and join parcels
ChangeMedia Can change music and media settings
LandEdit Can toggle 'Edit Terrain' option in Land settings
LandOptions Can toggle various About Land > Options settings
FindPlaces Can toggle "Show in Find Places" and set search category
LandChangeIdentity Can change parcel name, description, and 'Publish on web' settings
SetLandingPoint Can set the landing point and teleport routing on group land
AllowEditLand Can always terraform land, even if parcel settings have it turned off
AllowFly Can always fly while over group owned land
AllowRez Can always rez objects on group owned land
AllowLandmark Can always create landmarks for group owned parcels
AllowSetHome Can set home location on any group owned parcel
HostEvent Allowed to hold events on group-owned land
LandManageAllowed Can modify public access settings for group owned parcels
LandManageBanned Can manager parcel ban lists on group owned land
LandManagePasses Can manage pass list sales information
LandEjectAndFreeze Can eject and freeze other avatars on group owned land
ReturnGroupSet Can return objects set to group
ReturnNonGroup Can return non-group owned/set objects
ReturnGroupOwned Can return group owned objects
LandGardening Can landscape using Linden plants
DeedObject Can deed objects to group
ObjectManipulate Can move group owned objects
ObjectSetForSale Can set group owned objects for-sale
Accountable Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends
SendNotices Can send group notices
ReceiveNotices Can receive group notices
StartProposal Can create group proposals
VoteOnProposal Can vote on group proposals
JoinChat Can join group chat sessions
AllowVoiceChat Can use voice chat in Group Chat sessions
ModerateChat Can moderate group chat sessions
ExperienceAdmin Has admin rights to any experiences owned by this group
ExperienceCreator Can sign scripts for experiences owned by this group
GroupBanAccess Allows access to ban / un-ban agents from a group

Assembly: OpenMetaverse(Module: OpenMetaverse.dll) Version: (