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Helpers . . :: . . LogLevel Enumeration
NamespacesOpenMetaverseHelpersHelpers . . :: . . LogLevel
Passed to Logger.Log() to identify the severity of a log entry
Declaration Syntax
Member Description
None No logging information will be output
Info Non-noisy useful information, may be helpful in debugging a problem
Warning A non-critical error occurred. A warning will not prevent the rest of the library from operating as usual, although it may be indicative of an underlying issue
Error A critical error has occurred. Generally this will be followed by the network layer shutting down, although the stability of the library after an error is uncertain
Debug Used for internal testing, this logging level can generate very noisy (long and/or repetitive) messages. Don't pass this to the Log() function, use DebugLog() instead.

Assembly: OpenMetaverse(Module: OpenMetaverse.dll) Version: (