OpenMetaverse Protocol Library Developers API Documentation
ParcelFlags Enumeration
Various parcel properties
Declaration Syntax
Member Description
None No flags set
AllowFly Allow avatars to fly (a client-side only restriction)
AllowOtherScripts Allow foreign scripts to run
ForSale This parcel is for sale
AllowLandmark Allow avatars to create a landmark on this parcel
AllowTerraform Allows all avatars to edit the terrain on this parcel
AllowDamage Avatars have health and can take damage on this parcel. If set, avatars can be killed and sent home here
CreateObjects Foreign avatars can create objects here
ForSaleObjects All objects on this parcel can be purchased
UseAccessGroup Access is restricted to a group
UseAccessList Access is restricted to a whitelist
UseBanList Ban blacklist is enabled
UsePassList Unknown
ShowDirectory List this parcel in the search directory
AllowDeedToGroup Allow personally owned parcels to be deeded to group
ContributeWithDeed If Deeded, owner contributes required tier to group parcel is deeded to
SoundLocal Restrict sounds originating on this parcel to the parcel boundaries
SellParcelObjects Objects on this parcel are sold when the land is purchsaed
AllowPublish Allow this parcel to be published on the web
MaturePublish The information for this parcel is mature content
UrlWebPage The media URL is an HTML page
UrlRawHtml The media URL is a raw HTML string
RestrictPushObject Restrict foreign object pushes
DenyAnonymous Ban all non identified/transacted avatars
AllowGroupScripts Allow group-owned scripts to run
CreateGroupObjects Allow object creation by group members or group objects
AllowAPrimitiveEntry Allow all objects to enter this parcel
AllowGroupObjectEntry Only allow group and owner objects to enter this parcel
AllowVoiceChat Voice Enabled on this parcel
UseEstateVoiceChan Use Estate Voice channel for Voice on this parcel
DenyAgeUnverified Deny Age Unverified Users

Assembly: OpenMetaverse(Module: OpenMetaverse.dll) Version: (