OpenMetaverse Protocol Library Developers API Documentation
ParcelMediaCommand Enumeration
Parcel Media Command used in ParcelMediaCommandMessage
Declaration Syntax
Member Description
Stop Stop the media stream and go back to the first frame
Pause Pause the media stream (stop playing but stay on current frame)
Play Start the current media stream playing and stop when the end is reached
Loop Start the current media stream playing, loop to the beginning when the end is reached and continue to play
Texture Specifies the texture to replace with video
URL Specifies the movie URL (254 characters max)
Time Specifies the time index at which to begin playing
Agent Specifies a single agent to apply the media command to
Unload Unloads the stream. While the stop command sets the texture to the first frame of the movie, unload resets it to the real texture that the movie was replacing.
AutoAlign Turn on/off the auto align feature, similar to the auto align checkbox in the parcel media properties (NOT to be confused with the "align" function in the textures view of the editor!) Takes TRUE or FALSE as parameter.
Type Allows a Web page or image to be placed on a prim (1.19.1 RC0 and later only). Use "text/html" for HTML.
Size Resizes a Web page to fit on x, y pixels (1.19.1 RC0 and later only).
Desc Sets a description for the media being displayed (1.19.1 RC0 and later only).

Assembly: OpenMetaverse(Module: OpenMetaverse.dll) Version: (