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ParcelOverlayType Enumeration
Parcel overlay type. This is used primarily for highlighting and coloring which is why it is a single integer instead of a set of flags
Declaration Syntax
Member Description
Public Public land
OwnedByOther Land is owned by another avatar
OwnedByGroup Land is owned by a group
OwnedBySelf Land is owned by the current avatar
ForSale Land is for sale
Auction Land is being auctioned
Private Land is private
BorderWest To the west of this area is a parcel border
BorderSouth To the south of this area is a parcel border
These values seem to be poorly thought out. The first three bits represent a single value, not flags. For example Auction (0x05) is not a combination of OwnedByOther (0x01) and ForSale(0x04). However, the BorderWest and BorderSouth values are bit flags that get attached to the value stored in the first three bits. Bits four, five, and six are unused

Assembly: OpenMetaverse(Module: OpenMetaverse.dll) Version: (