OpenMetaverse Protocol Library Developers API Documentation
ScriptPermission Enumeration
Permission request flags, asked when a script wants to control an Avatar
Declaration Syntax
Member Description
None Placeholder for empty values, shouldn't ever see this
Debit Script wants ability to take money from you
TakeControls Script wants to take camera controls for you
RemapControls Script wants to remap avatars controls
TriggerAnimation Script wants to trigger avatar animations
Attach Script wants to attach or detach the prim or primset to your avatar
ReleaseOwnership Script wants permission to release ownership
ChangeLinks Script wants ability to link/delink with other prims
ChangeJoints Script wants permission to change joints
ChangePermissions Script wants permissions to change permissions
TrackCamera Script wants to track avatars camera position and rotation
ControlCamera Script wants to control your camera
Teleport Script wants the ability to teleport you

Assembly: OpenMetaverse(Module: OpenMetaverse.dll) Version: (